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22 September 2011 Doctoral defense

Epistemic Evaluation in the Context of Pursuit and in the Argumentative Approach to Methodology

Doctoral Defense Dunja Seselja, Promotor: Erik Weber and Joke Meheus
19 September 2011 to 21 September 2011 Conference

Causality and Explanation in the Sciences

Causality and causal inference play a central role in the sciences. Explanation is one of the central goals of scientific research. And scientific explanation requires causal knowledge. At least, these are well-known tenets in present-day philosophy of science. In this...

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10 June 2011 Workshop

Science versus Democracy?

Science versus Democracy? is a one-day workshop on the relation(s) between Science and Democracy organized at the Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science ( Specific topics discussed...

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6 May 2011 Lecture

On second order propositional logic of open subsets of the real line

It is known that the algebra of open subsets of the real line constitutes a sound and complete semantics for intuitionistic propositional logic, IPC. IPC has PSPACE complete set of tautologies. However, if we add quantification over propositions then the resulting logic,...

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6 May 2011 Lecture

Separate common causes and EPR correlation - a no-go result

Bell's theorem derives empirically testable (in fact, falsifiable) inequalities from seemingly natural assumptions regarding models of EPR correlations. The assumption which is usually rejected is that of Outcome Independence (OI), related to Reichenbach's Common...

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2 May 2011 Workshop

Workshop on Economic Models of Scientific Methodology

Workshop on Economic models of scientific methodology
6 April 2011 Workshop

Workshop on the Dynamics of Normative Reasoning

DNR is a one-day workshop on the dynamics of normative reasoning organized at the Ghent University Faculty of Arts and Humanities by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science ( Specific topics discussed during the workshop include:...

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5 April 2011 Doctoral defense

Adaptive Logic Characterizations of Defeasible Reasoning With Applications in Argumentation, Normative Reasoning and Default Reasoning

Doctoral Defense Christian Strasser, Promotor: Joke Meheus and Diderik Batens
10 December 2010 Lecture

Relevant Logic and Classical Proofs

Adaptive logicians have long treated mathematical theories using non-monotonic logical techniques. Other non-classical logicians are just starting to come around to this idea. In order to have a set theory that is powerful enough, for example, to act as a basis for model...

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1 December 2010 Lecture

Aristotle's Fall -- Corruptions in the History of Logic

In 1968, in his Inaugural Lecture as the occupant of the first Chair in Logic at the University of Leeds, Peter Geach describes a Fall from Grace. He describes “a disaster, comparable to the Fall of Adam”. This Fall was Aristotle’s invention of Logic. Geach isn’t talking...

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