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E.g., 12/08/2020
2 May 2011 Workshop

Workshop on Economic Models of Scientific Methodology

Workshop on Economic models of scientific methodology
6 April 2011 Workshop

Workshop on the Dynamics of Normative Reasoning

DNR is a one-day workshop on the dynamics of normative reasoning organized at the Ghent University Faculty of Arts and Humanities by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science ( Specific topics discussed during the workshop include:...

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5 April 2011 Doctoral defense

Adaptive Logic Characterizations of Defeasible Reasoning With Applications in Argumentation, Normative Reasoning and Default Reasoning

Doctoral Defense Christian Strasser, Promotor: Joke Meheus and Diderik Batens
10 December 2010 Lecture

Relevant Logic and Classical Proofs

Adaptive logicians have long treated mathematical theories using non-monotonic logical techniques. Other non-classical logicians are just starting to come around to this idea. In order to have a set theory that is powerful enough, for example, to act as a basis for model...

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1 December 2010 Lecture

Aristotle's Fall -- Corruptions in the History of Logic

In 1968, in his Inaugural Lecture as the occupant of the first Chair in Logic at the University of Leeds, Peter Geach describes a Fall from Grace. He describes “a disaster, comparable to the Fall of Adam”. This Fall was Aristotle’s invention of Logic. Geach isn’t talking...

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1 December 2010 Lecture

Predicate wormism -- A quinean account of de re modality

In ‘Worlds away’ W.V.Quine attempts to shew that possible worlds, unlike times, cannot provide robust continuity conditions for the sort of ordinary objects that we want to talk about. Quine thinks of individuals as ‘worms’ constructed as strings of events over times and...

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18 November 2010 to 19 November 2010 Workshop

Third Workshop on the Philosophy of Information

An ambitious project like the philosophy of information cannot operate in isolation. Not only does it have to rely on input from the sciences of information and computation, it also needs to convince those who are sympathetic to the project (including those who had been...

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26 October 2010 Lecture

Is computational structuralism a structuralism?

Computational structuralism has been presented by [Halbach-Horsten 2005] and [Quinon-Zdanowski 2007] as a particular type of structuralism with respect to the structure of natural numbers. It has even been claimed that this approach can solve problems of traditional...

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20 September 2010 to 22 September 2010 Conference

Logic, Reasoning and Rationality. An International Congress in Honour of Diderik Batens.

According to the members of the Wiener Kreis, there was a strong connection between logic, reasoning, and rationality. They believed that human reasoning (and in particular scientific reasoning) is rational in so far as it is based on logic (which meant for them Classical...

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30 June 2010 Lecture

The context-sensitivity of counterfactual accounts of causality

That causal claims are context sensitive is uncontroversial; the ranger cites the lightning bolt as the cause of the forest fire whereas the Venusian cites the atmosphere’s being saturated with oxygen (Putnam 1982: 150). Controversy abounds as to whether this context...

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