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E.g., 12/08/2020
12 April 2012 to 13 April 2012 Conference

PhDs in Logic IV

PhDs in Logic IV is a graduate conference organized by and for PhD-students. This edition is the fourth one of an annual Belgian–Dutch happening; earlier editions took place in Ghent (2009), Tilburg (2010), and Brussels (2011). As all previous PhDs in Logic conferences,...

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30 March 2012 Lecture

Het gebruik van empirische data voor normatief georinteerde bioethiek

Het gebruik van empirische data voor normatief georinteerde bioethiek
19 January 2012 to 20 January 2012 Workshop

Perspectivalism Workshop

"Nothing dictates whether the skies shall be marked off into constellations or other objects. We have to make what we find, be it the Great Dipper, Sirius, food, fuel, or a stereo system." (Nelson Goodman) Various philosophers have claimed that facts of a...

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18 January 2012 Workshop

Epistemology Meeting: Doxastic Attitudes

People believe, disbelieve, hypothesize, withhold belief about, understand, are ignorant of, etc. all sorts of things. The goal of the meeting is to explore the significant differences between these attitudes.
7 November 2011 to 10 November 2011 Conference

History and Philosophy of Computing

Calculemus! Let us calculate! These are Leibniz’ famous words. He would probably not have imagined that about three centuries later almost anybody would actually rely on computations in his/her everyday life. Especially since the development of the so-called personal...

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22 September 2011 Doctoral defense

Epistemic Evaluation in the Context of Pursuit and in the Argumentative Approach to Methodology

Doctoral Defense Dunja Seselja, Promotor: Erik Weber and Joke Meheus
19 September 2011 to 21 September 2011 Conference

Causality and Explanation in the Sciences

Causality and causal inference play a central role in the sciences. Explanation is one of the central goals of scientific research. And scientific explanation requires causal knowledge. At least, these are well-known tenets in present-day philosophy of science. In this...

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10 June 2011 Workshop

Science versus Democracy?

Science versus Democracy? is a one-day workshop on the relation(s) between Science and Democracy organized at the Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science ( Specific topics discussed...

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6 May 2011 Lecture

On second order propositional logic of open subsets of the real line

It is known that the algebra of open subsets of the real line constitutes a sound and complete semantics for intuitionistic propositional logic, IPC. IPC has PSPACE complete set of tautologies. However, if we add quantification over propositions then the resulting logic,...

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6 May 2011 Lecture

Separate common causes and EPR correlation - a no-go result

Bell's theorem derives empirically testable (in fact, falsifiable) inequalities from seemingly natural assumptions regarding models of EPR correlations. The assumption which is usually rejected is that of Outcome Independence (OI), related to Reichenbach's Common...

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