Welcome to the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS). The CLPS offers a stimulating environment for research in logic, philosophy of science, epistemology and HPS. See "About us" for more details.

In 2015 we established the workshop series Logic, Reasoning and Rationality. The aim of this series is to advance the logical, methodological, and epistemological analysis of actual reasoning, mainly in the sciences.

The workshop series forms the core activity of the scientific research network Logical and Methodological Analysis of Scientific Reasoning Processes that we coordinate and that involves nine partners from Flanders, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and the U.K.

The Ghent-Brussels Seminars in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science (which started in 2016) is a joint initiative with our colleagues of the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Free University of Brussels.

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