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30 March 2001 Lecture

Finite State Dynamics

In this lecture I shall expound a theory coping with the dynamics of inconsistent information. A method is set forth to represent possibly inconsistent information by a *finite state*. Next, operations for expansion and contraction of finite states are given. No extra-...

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16 March 2001 Lecture

Combination of Logics

The more one uses logic on the formalization of problems originated from the most variegated areas of investigation, such as philosophy, foundations of mathematics, linguistics, artificial intelligence, logic programming and computer science, the more necessary it is to...

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23 February 2001 Lecture

A Paraconsistent Theory of Belief Revision

The classically based AGM theory of belief revision takes consistency and conservativeness to be the driving forces of belief revision: When integrating new information, we attempt to maintain a consistent belief set and to do so we sometimes have to relinquish those...

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9 February 2001 Lecture

A formal analysis of diagnosis and diagnostic reasoning

Diagnostic reasoning may relate to an established fault in a system or an established fault in an individual. A system is to be understood as a structured whole of components, while an individual is an object that is not analysed into components. With respect to systems,...

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26 January 2001 Lecture

Changing one's position in a discussion - some dynamic proof theories

Wanneer men gedurende een discussie z'n opinie gedeeltelijk wijzigt naar aanleiding van nieuwe informatie en nieuwe argumenten, kunnen er logische contradicties ontstaan. Rescher-Manor mechanismen zijn in deze context niet steeds efficiënt. Via een modale vertaling kan...

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19 January 2001 Doctoral defense

De Cirkel sluiten. Aanzet tot een wetenschappelijke metafysica

Doctoral Defense Wim Christiaens, Promotor: Diderik Batens
21 December 2000 Conference

Problems from Armstrong II featuring Wim Christiaens, Tim De Mey, Markku Keinnen (Helsinki), Erik Weber and Rob Vanderbeeken

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15 December 2000 Lecture

The Usefulness of Function Ascriptions in Biology

Without claiming completeness (biologists may ask other types of questions), we can say that two types of explanatory questions are very common in biology. The format of the first type is: (Q1) How is capacity C brought about in s? s is here a biological system. The...

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8 December 2000 Lecture

Rational Dilemmas

The paper argues that there are situations where we are rationally obliged to do incompatible things. Indeed, some familiar examples in game-theory, such as Newcomb's problem, can be seen in this way.
24 November 2000 Lecture

Adaptive Logics for Metaphors

The use of metaphors seems to be a thoroughly studied subject. However, when one tries to integrate results, coming from different domains as philosophy of language, philosophy and history of science and logic, they turn out to be quite incompatible. In the first part of...

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