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10 November 2000 Lecture

A Dynamic ProofTheory for Erotetic Inferences

The importance of erotetic inferences for scientific reasoning, and for reasoning and problem solving in general, can hardly be overestimated. The explanation of new phenomena, the discovery of new laws and theories, even the design and performance of experiments, all...

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20 October 2000 Lecture

Disposition, Causation and Explanation

Dispositions are essential in the description, the understanding, the explanation and the prediction of events. We say that sugar and salt are soluble. We also say that red wine stains unlike beer and that thin rubber is flexible and elastic while steel is stiff and sturdy...

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12 October 2000 to 14 October 2000 Conference

3rd Flemish-Polish Workshop on The Ontological Foundations of Paraconsistency - Free University of Brussels

The Ontological Foundations of Paraconsistency
4 October 2000 Lecture

Two New Results on Adaptive Logics and Dynamic Proofs

I shall report on two new papers: I) A Dynamic Characterization of the Pure Logic of Relevant Implication. It is known that there are dynamic proofs for consequence relations that are non-monotonic, and also for monotonic consequence relations that lack a positive test....

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27 September 2000 Lecture

Nieuw logicaprogramma ter ondersteuning van het vaklogica in het kandidatuuronderwijs: voorstelling van de voorlopige versie

In het kader van het stimuleringsprogramma "Innovatie Hoger Onderwijs", ontwikkelt het centrum voor Logica en Wetenschapsfilosofie een logicaprogramma waarmee de studenten zelfstandig logica-oefeningen kunnen maken. Dit programma draait onder Windows en vormt een...

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27 April 2000 to 29 April 2000 Conference

2nd Flemish-Polish Workshop on The Ontological Foundations Of Paraconsistency - Ghent University

The aim of the project is to elaborate the foundations of paraconsistency, both from a logical and an epistemological point of view. With the advent of paraconsistent logics and inconsistent mathematical systems, there is a strong need to embed these in a broader framework...

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31 March 2000 Lecture

The Problem of Collective Action

Nowadays there is a growing interest among moral philosophers, philosophers of action and social action, and philosophers of the social sciences in the topic of collective responsibility. The philosophical interest is part of the more general trend of broadening the scope...

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22 March 2000 Lecture

A pragmatic approach to explanations of actions

Constructing explanations can have instrumental and intellectual benefits. The instrumental benefits are cognitive states that are produced by explanations and that, together with other factors, determine somehow how we will act in the future. The intellectual benefits are...

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23 February 2000 Lecture

Discussieve adaptieve logica's

Een van de oudste en meest populaire paraconsistente systemen is Jaskowski's discussieve logica D2. De term « discussieve logica » is ontleend aan het volgende idee. Stel dat de deelnemers in een discussie tegenstrijdige opinies naar voor brengen. In dat geval zullen...

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2 February 2000 Lecture

Over bewijsbaarheid, paradoxen en platonistisch formalisme

1. Waarheid en bewijsbaarheid als partiele predikaten. We beschouwen informele bewijsbaarheid en waarheid als primitieve partiele predikaten en formuleren Kripkeaanse inductieve definities voor deze noties. Vervolgens onderzoeken we de logische interactie tussen de extensie...

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