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7 October 2002 Lecture

Chunk and Permeate: a Paraconsistent Inference Strategy with Application to the Infinitesimal Calculus

It will be shown how the infinitesimal calculus can be formulated with a chunking strategy which allows for limited information flow. The strategy applies in other areas too, e.g., the Bohr theory of the atom.
6 September 2002 Doctoral defense


Doctoral Defense Brenda Casteleyn, Promotor: Diderik Batens
5 August 2002 to 9 August 2002 Conference

WoPaLo - Workshop on Paraconsistent Logic - ESSLLI 2002

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27 June 2002 Lecture

Vaagheidsadaptieve logica's

Vaagheidsadaptieve logica's
15 May 2002 to 18 May 2002 Conference

International Congress: Causation and Explanation in the Natural and Social Sciences

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29 March 2002 Lecture

Pragmatism as a Philosophy of Social Sciences

This paper introduces the neo-pragmatism of Richard Rorty, and discusses its possibile methodological implications for the social sciences. The paper argues that these neo-pragmatist ideas seriously question various philosophies of social sciences, ranging from...

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8 March 2002 Lecture

Are ordinary people answerable for the past?

Only to the degree that they knew what they were doing, thus, aimed their actions (e.g. at bad or evil), and had causal control over the relationship between their actions and the (socio-political) consequences of these. When knowledge, intentions and control (causal...

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22 February 2002 Lecture

Adaptive Causal Reasoning

It is undisputed that there is a link between statistical (in)dependencies and causal relations between events, but the exact nature of this link is still controversial. We will only consider the epistemological question: how does statistical information (in the crude sense...

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8 February 2002 Lecture

A goal-directed proof format and its heuristics

An often neglected, but nonetheless central feature of reasoning processes is their goal-directedness. Hence, it is not only important to understand which steps can be made at a certain stage in the reasoning process, but also which of these are relevant in view of the...

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13 December 2001 to 14 December 2001 Conference

Colloquium: Thinking Through Thought Experiments

Colloquium: Thinking Through Thought Experiments