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E.g., 21/01/2020
24 October 2014 Workshop

Workshop Inconsistencies in Scientific Reasoning

"Inconsistencies in Scientific Reasoning'' is a one day workshop organized by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS) at Ghent University ( The workshop aims at exploring two closely related issues. First, the...

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12 July 2014 to 15 July 2014 Conference

DEON 2014: 12th International Conference on Deontic Logic

The biennial DEON conferences are designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation amongst scholars interested in linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts and normative systems with computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, organization theory...

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8 July 2014 to 11 July 2014 Workshop

Trends in Logic XIV

Logicians have devoted considerable effort to applying formal methods to what are now considered core disciplines of analytic philosophy: philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language and metaphysics. Researchers in these fields have been accused of sharpening their...

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2 April 2014 Lecture

Hypotheses testing in adaptive logics: an application to medical diagnosis

In this talk, I present an adaptive logic which together with a contraction procedure retro a way to distinguish kinds of premises (knowledge, hypotheses, observations), serves as a formal setting for hypotheses generation and testing in the empirical sciences, in our case...

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31 March 2014 Doctoral defense

Patterns of Hypothesis Formation

Doctoral Defense Tjerk Gauderis, Promotor: Joke Meheus and Bert Leuridan
28 March 2014 Lecture

Inconsistent and Functional Theories: A Classification

Few has been written and explored about the strategies that is possible to develop for describing and organizing elements that do not satisfy the ideal conditions that an empirical scientific theory has to fulfil. I sustain that, appealing to certain philosophical analysis...

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14 February 2014 Lecture

Causal Structure and Natural Kinds

Some have argued for the view that causal structure is central to the individuation of natural kinds. Let’s call this the Causal Realist view of natural kinds. Central to the position is the idea that the natural kinds are such that they are characteristically associated...

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20 December 2013 Lecture

Dissensus in Public Historiographical Debate: What is the Point of Writing History?

Dissensus in Public Historiographical Debate: What is the Point of Writing History?
13 December 2013 Lecture

How do Mechanistic Explanations Explain?

Mechanistic explanations are a common form of explanation in such sciences as neuroscience and psychology. In giving these explanations, researchers attempt to explain a capacity of a mechanism in terms of the capacities of its components. The most popular account of...

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6 December 2013 Lecture

Degrees of inconsistency. Carefully combining classical and paraconsistent negation

In this talk I argue in favour of the hypothesis that combining inconsistency tolerance (there is an overlap between the extension of a property and it's negation) with the expressiveness of the classical complement operation (being able to express that something is [...

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