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Jeroen Van Bouwel
15th Annual Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable
23 March 2013 - Santa Cruz, USA

Guiseppe Primiero
Error Handling (Invited)
Grolog Lecture Series
21 March 2013 - Groningen, Netherlands

Laszlo Kosolosky
1st Philosophical Activism Workshop: (Meta-)Reflections from the field
15 February 2013 - Ghent, Belgium


Guiseppe Primiero
Workshop on Information Quality
14 December 2012 - Hatfield, UK

Raoul Gervais
Models and Mechanisms
6 December 2012 - Tilburg, Netherlands

Laszlo Kosolosky and Dagmar Provijn
Philosophy of Science Association Meeting (PSA 2012)
15 November 2012 - San Diego, USA

Jeroen Van Bouwel
Workshop: Individualism, Holism, Explanation and Emergence.
2 November 2012 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Jeroen Van Bouwel
Conference of The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective (ESF-PSE).
20 October 2012 - Bertinoro, Italy

Jan De Winter and Laszlo Kosolosky
Rethinking Europe II: Workshop in Political Philosophy "Europe, between Kantian cosmopolitanism and crisis of civilization"
11 October 2012 - Brussels, Belgium

Mathieu Beirlaen and Christian Straßer
Formal Ethics 2012
11 October 2012 - Munich, Germany