Computer Programs

Several members of the CLPS developed computer programs, for instance to check for derivability in some specific non-classical logic. The central contribution, however, is the computer program that is used at Ghent University for logic teaching.

This program was originally written in DOS/Pascal by Diderik Batens (late eighties, early nineties) as a companion for his Logicaboek. The program offers a wide range of interactive exercises (formalizing sentences from natural language, Fitch style proofs, tableau methods, ...) and adapts itself to the progress of the individual user (both with respect to the way in which exercises are presented and the kind of feedback and help that is provided). In 1999-2000 the program was further expanded and rewritten for Windows. At this moment, the program is turned into a web application. The full version will be available at the end of 2017:

The application is part of the Alice environment, developed at Ghent University by Kris Coolsaet. At this moment, all exercises in Alice are in Dutch.