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Jan Willem Wieland
Aims of Inquiry and Cognition
25 May 2012 - Edinburgh, UK

Christian Straßer , Mathieu Beirlaen and Frederik Van De Putte
Workshop together with David Makinson and Jörg Hansen.
25 May 2012 - Ghent, Belgium

Merel Lefevere and Eric Schliesser
Research workshop: experts and consensus in economics and the social sciences
25 May 2012 - Bayreuth, Germany

Liesbeth De Mol
Seminaire Histoire et Philosophie des mathématiques: Instrumentation et théorisation
14 May 2012 - Paris, France

Guiseppe Primiero
IV Workshop in the Philosophy of Information
11 May 2012 - Hatfield, UK

Jan Willem Wieland and Maarten Van Dyck
Lunch Talk
11 May 2012 - Ghent, Belgium

Jeroen Van Bouwel, Rogier De Langhe and Erik Weber
Workshop Social Mechanisms and Social Explanation
8 May 2012 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rogier De Langhe
Current Developments in the Philosophy of Rationality
7 May 2012 - Aberdeen, UK

Merel Lefevere, Jeroen Van Bouwel and Erik Weber
First Bochum-Bielefeld Colloquium: Philosophical Perspectives on Epistemology, Mind and Science
4 May 2012 - Bochum, Germany

Guiseppe Primiero
Workshop of the Research Group ANR - LOCI (Locativity and Interactivity in Logic, Linguistics and Theoretical Computer Science)
4 May 2012 - Paris, France