Rules regresses

TitleRules regresses
Publication TypeBook Chapter (with title)
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsWieland, JWillem
Book TitleAGPC 2010 Proceedings
PublisherGhent University, Department of Philosophy and moral sciences

Is the content of our thoughts determined by norms such as 'if I know that p, then I ought to believe that p'? Gluer and Wikforss (2009) set forth a regress argument for a negative answer. The aim of this paper is to clarify and evaluate this argument. In the first part I show how it (just like an argument from Wittgenstein 1953) can be taken as an instance of an argument schema. In the second part, I evaluate the relevant premises in some detail, and argue that the dialectical situation is slightly more complicated than a 'dilemma of regress and idleness', as Gluer and Wikforss have dubbed it.

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