The Dynamics of Relevance: Adaptive Belief Revision

TitleThe Dynamics of Relevance: Adaptive Belief Revision
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsVan De Putte, F, Verdée, P
Date PublishedMay

This paper presents eight (previously unpublished) adaptive logics for belief revision, each of which define a belief revision operation in the sense of the AGM framework. All these revision operations are shown to satisfy the six basic AGM postulates for belief revision, and Parikh’s axiom of Relevance. Using one of these logics as an example, we show how their proof theory gives a more dynamic flavor to belief revision than existing approaches. It is argued that this turns belief revision (that obeys Relevance) into a more natural undertaking, where analytic steps are performed only as soon as they turn out to be necessary in order to uphold certain beliefs.

Citation KeyVanDePutte2012