Avoiding Deontic Explosion by Contextually Restricting Aggregation

TitleAvoiding Deontic Explosion by Contextually Restricting Aggregation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMeheus, J, Beirlaen, M, Van De Putte, F
EditorGovernatori, G, Sartor, G
Conference NameProceedings of the 10th International Conference on Deontic Logic in Computer Science (DEON 2010)
Conference LocationDordrecht

In this paper, we present an adaptive logic for deontic conflicts, called \sys{P2.1}$^r$, that is based on Goble's logic \sys{SDL}$a$\sys{P}$e$–-a bimodal extension of Goble's logic \sys{P} that invalidates aggregation for all \emph{prima facie} obligations. The logic \sys{P2.1}$^r$ has several advantages with respect to \sys{SDL}$a$\sys{P}$e$. For consistent sets of obligations it yields the same results as Standard Deontic Logic and for inconsistent sets of obligations, it validates aggregation ``as much as possible''. It thus leads to a richer consequence set than \sys{SDL}$a$\sys{P}$e$. The logic \sys{P2.1}$^r$ avoids Goble's criticisms against other non-adjunctive systems of deontic logic. Moreover, it can handle all the `toy examples' from the literature as well as more complex ones.

Citation KeyJMF:adera
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