A paraconsistent multi-agent framework for dealing with normative conflicts

TitleA paraconsistent multi-agent framework for dealing with normative conflicts
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBeirlaen, M, Stra├čer, C
EditorLeite, J, Torroni, P, Agotnes, T, Boella, G, van der Torre, L
Conference Name12th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA XII)
ISBN Number9783642223587

In a multi-agent deontic setting, normative conflicts can take a variety of different logical forms. In this paper, we present a very general characterization of such conflicts, including both intra- and inter-agent normative conflicts, conflicts between groups of agents, conflicts between obligations and permissions, and conflicts between contradictory norms. In order to account for the consistent possibility of this wide variety of conflict-types, we present a paraconsistent deontic logic, i.e. a logic that invalidates the classical principle of non-contradiction. Next, we strengthen this logic within the adaptive logics framework for defeasible reasoning. The resulting inconsistency-adaptive deontic logic interprets a given set of norms 'as consistently as possible'.

Citation Key1861627
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