Inconsistency-Adaptive Logics

TitleInconsistency-Adaptive Logics
Publication TypeBook Chapter (with title)
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsBatens, D
Secondary AuthorsOrłowska, E
Book TitleLogic at Work. Essays Dedicated to the Memory of Helena Rasiowa
PublisherPhysica Verlag (Springer)
CityHeidelberg, New York

After a general description of adaptive logics and their intended applications, I study the proof theory and semantics of two closely related predicative inconsistency-adaptive logics, ACLuN1 and ACLuN2. To this end, I first describe their monotonic basis: the paraconsistent logic CLuN obtained by dropping the consistency requirement from classical logic. The propositional fragments of these inconsistency-adaptive logics have been studied elsewhere. The predicative versions involve several interesting difficulties that lead to new results.

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