Adaptive Cn Logics

TitleAdaptive Cn Logics
Publication TypeBook Chapter (with title)
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBatens, D
Secondary AuthorsCarnielli, WA, Coniglio, ME, D'Ottaviano, IMLoffred
Book TitleThe Many Sides of Logic
PublisherCollege Publications

This paper solves an old problem: to devise decent inconsistency-adaptive logics that have the \C{n} logics as their lower limit. Two kinds of logics are presented. Those of the first kind offer a maximally consistent interpretation of the premise set in as far as this is possible in view of logical considerations. At the same time, they indicate at which points further choices may be made on extra-logical grounds. The logics of the second kind allow one to introduce those choices in a defeasible way and handle them.

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