Formal Characterizations of Defeasible Reasoning Forms: The Capacities and Limits of the Standard Format for Adaptive Logics.

Period 01-10-2011 to 30-09-2014
Type Postdoctoral Fellowship
Fellow Dr. Christian Strasser
Funding agency Special Research Fund of Ghent University (BOF)

The general aim of this research project is to explicate formally defeasible reasoning forms (DRFs) by means of Adaptive Logics (ALs). Despite the fact that the standard format for ALs proved to be very useful for the formal characterization of many DRFs, it is suboptimal for some application contexts. The more specific aim of my research is hence to investigate the capacities and limits of the standard format and to generalize it if and where necessary. An efficient way to scrutinize this aim is to consider the many DRFs that were developed independently of the AL program (only some of them were `integrated' thus far).