Tolerating Deontic Conflicts by Adaptively Restricting Inheritance

TitleTolerating Deontic Conflicts by Adaptively Restricting Inheritance
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsStra├čer, C, Meheus, J, Beirlaen, M
JournalLogique et Analyse

In order to deal with the possibility of deontic conflicts Lou Goble developed a group of logics DPM that are characterized by a restriction of the inheritance principle. While they approximate the deductive power of standard deontic logic, they do so only if the user adds certain statements to the premises. By adaptively strengthening the DPM logics, this paper presents logics that overcome this shortcoming. Furthermore, they are capable of modeling the dynamic and defeasible aspect of our normative reasoning by their dynamic proof theory. This way they enable us to have a better insight in the relations between obligations and thus to localize deontic conflicts.

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