Social epistemology meets the philosophy of the humanities

TitleSocial epistemology meets the philosophy of the humanities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsFroeyman, A, Kosolosky, L, Van Bouwel, J
JournalFoundations of science

From time to time, when I explain to a new acquaintance that I’m a philosopher of science, my interlocutor will nod agreeably and remark that that surely means I’m interested in the ethical status of various kinds of scientific research, the impact that science has had on our values, or the role that the sciences play in contemporary democracies. Although this common response hardly corresponds to what professional philosophers of science have done for the past decades, or even centuries, it is perfectly comprehensible. For there are large questions of the kinds just indicated, questions that deserve to be posed and answered, and an intelligent person might well think that philosophers of science are the people who do the posing and the answering (Kitcher in Science, truth and democracy. Oxford University Press, Oxford, p. xi, 2001).

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