Sequent-Based Argumentation for Normative Reasoning

TitleSequent-Based Argumentation for Normative Reasoning
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsStraßer, C, Arieli, O
JournalDeontic Logic and Normative Systems: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

In this paper we present an argumentative approach to normative reasoning. Special attention is paid to normative conflicts, contrary-to-duty and specificity cases. These are modeled by means of argumentative attacks. For this, we adopt a recently proposed frame- work for logical argumentation in which arguments are generated by a sequent calculus of a given base logic (Arieli, CLIMA’2013, pp.69–85), and use an intuitionistic variant of stan- dard deontic logic as our base logic. Argumentative attacks are realized by elimination rules that allow to discharge specific sequents. We demonstrate our system by means of various well-known benchmark examples.

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