The Need for Adaptive Logics in Epistemology

TitleThe Need for Adaptive Logics in Epistemology
Publication TypeBook Chapter (with title)
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBatens, D
Secondary AuthorsRahman, S, Symons, J, Gabbay, DM, Van Bendegem, JPaul
Book TitleLogic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science

After it is argued that philosophers of science have lost their interest in logic because they applied the wrong type of logics, examples are given of the forms of dynamic reasoning that are central for philosophy of science and epistemology. Adaptive logics are presented as a means to understand and explicate those forms of reasoning. All members of a specific (large) set of adaptive logics are proved to have a number of properties that warrant their formal decency and their suitability with respect to understanding and explicating dynamic forms of reasoning. Most of the properties extend to other adaptive logics.

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