Is Justification Dialectical?

TitleIs Justification Dialectical?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWieland, JWillem
JournalInternational Journal for the Study of Skepticism

Much of present-day epistemology is divided between internalists and externalists. Different as these views are, they ha ve in common that they strip justification from its dialectical component in ord er to block the skeptic’s argument from disagreement. That is, they allow tha t one may have justified beliefs even if one is not able to defend it agains t challenges and resolve the disagreements about them. Lammenranta (2008, 2011a) recently argued that neither internalism nor externalism convinces if we consider the argument in its most interesting format. In this paper I zoom i n on this debate, and fix further details of Lammenranta’s lead. Specifically , I will side with skepticism that justification is dialectical, yet o nly if certain conditions are in place.

Citation Keywieland2013justification
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