Epistemic Modalities

TitleEpistemic Modalities
Publication TypeBook Chapter (with title)
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPrimiero, G
Secondary AuthorsPrimiero, G, Rahman, S
Book TitleActs of Knowledge: History, Philosophy and Logic
PublisherCollege Publications
ISBN Number978-1-904987-92-5

I present an analysis of the notion of epistemic modalities, based on an appropriate interpretation of two basic constructivist issues: verification and epistemic agency. Starting from an historical analysis of conditions for judgments, I analyze first the reading of necessity with respect to apodictic judgements, and then that of possibility with respect to hypothetical judgement. The analysis results in a formal treatment of rules for judgemental modal operators, whose aim is to preserve epistemic states corresponding to verified and unverified assumptions in contexts. In the conclusion, further tracks of research are indicated for designing a semantic framework and defining multi-agents systems.

Citation Key771936
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