Dynamic Derivations for Sequent-Based Deductive Argumentation

TitleDynamic Derivations for Sequent-Based Deductive Argumentation
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsStraßer, C, Arieli, O
EditorParsons, S, Oren, N, Reed, C, Cerutti, F
Conference NameCOMMA 2014
VolumeComputational Models of Argument

We introduce a general approach for representing and reasoning with argumentation-based systems. In our framework arguments are represented by Gentzen-style sequents, attacks (conflicts) between arguments are represented by sequent elimination rules, and deductions are made by dynamic proof systems. This framework accommodates different languages and logics in which arguments may be represented, supports a variety of attack relations, and tolerates dynamic changes in the argumentation setting by revising derivations of assertions in light of new information.

Citation KeyStrasser