Deontic Reasoning on the Basis of Consistency Considerations

TitleDeontic Reasoning on the Basis of Consistency Considerations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsStraßer, C, Meheus, J, Knoks, A

Deonticconflictsposeanimportantchallengetodeonticlogicians. The standard account —standard deontic logic, SDL— is not apt for addressing this challenge since it trivializes con flicts. Two main stratagems for gaining conflict-tolerance have been proposed: to weaken SDL in various ways, and to contextualize the reign of SDL to consistent subsets of the premise set. The latter began with the work of van Fraassen and has been further developed by Horty. In this paper we characterize this second approach in general terms. We also study three basic ways to contextualize SDL and supplement each of these with a dynamic proof theory in the framework of adaptive logics.

Citation KeyMeheus2014
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