Adaptively applying modus ponens in conditional logics of normality

TitleAdaptively applying modus ponens in conditional logics of normality
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsStraßer, C
JournalJournal of applied non-classical logics

This paper presents an adaptive logic enhancement of conditional logics of normality that allows for defeasible applications of Modus Ponens to conditionals. In addition to the possibilities these logics already offer in terms of reasoning about conditionals, this way they are enriched by the ability to perform default inferencing itself. The idea is to apply Modus Ponens defeasibly to a conditional A&\#8605;B and a fact A on the condition that it is “safe” to do so concerning the factual and conditional knowledge at hand. It is for instance not safe if the given information describes exceptional circumstances: although birds usually fly, penguins are exceptional to this rule. The two adaptive standard strategies are shown to correspond to different intuitions, a skeptical and a credulous reasoning type, which manifest themselves in the handling of so-called floating conclusions.

Citation Key3152442
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