Research on the construction of integrating worldviews.

Period 1 January 1996 to 1 June 2006
Type Scientific Research Community
Coordinator Diederik Aerts
Funding Agencies FWO
Cooperation between the Centre Leo Apostel (Free University Brussels; promotor Diederik Aerts), the Centre for Metaphysics and Theology (Catholic University of Louvain; promotor Jan Van de Veken), the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (Ghent University; promotor Diderik Batens), SISTA (Catholic University of Louvain; promotor Bart De Moor), the Fernand Braudel Centre for the study of Economics, Historical Systems (promotor Immanuel Wallerstein), the Centre for Worldsviews, Life Philosophy and Philosophy of Science (Utrecht University for Humanist Studies; promotor Fons Elders), the Centre for Theoretical Studies (the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; promotor Ivan Havel), the Centre for Process Studies (Claremont; promotor David Griffin), and the Centre for Communication, Identity and Morality (Utrecht University; promotor Robert Maier). The research network examines the constructions of world views that integrate our actual scientific knowledge. It concentrates on five main aspects; (1) a model of the world in which we live, (2) the explanatory power of a world view, (3) a model of evaluation, (4) a model for the process of model construction and (5) an integrated action model.