Design of electronic training programs for introductory courses in logic, with special attention for natural language.

Period 1 July 1999 to 28 February 2001
Type Research Project
Coordinator Diderik Batens
Funding Agencies The Flemish Minister for Science and Education, Ghent University, The Flemish University of Brussels
At the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (University of Gent, Belgium) logic tutoring software has been fully integrated for more than ten years in the teaching of undergraduates. Prof. Dr. Batens has developed a tutoring programme, which excels in the interactive way it works. Since the current programme runs only under MS_DOS, it has been decided to create a further extension of the programme that will run under Windows. At the same time, this project gives us the opportunity, using the obtained experience, to make the new programme as user-friendly as possible and to adapt it to the latest didactic insights.