A formal approach to vague expressions with indexicals

TitleA formal approach to vague expressions with indexicals
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMartens, L, Primiero, G
Conference NameLogic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 9 (LENLS 9-2012)
PublisherJapanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

In this paper, we offer a formal approach to the scantily investigated problem of vague expressions with indexicals, in particular including the spatial indexical `here' and the temporal indexical `now'. We present two versions of an adaptive fuzzy logic extended with an indexical, formally expressed by a modifier as a function that applies to predicative formulas. In the first version, such an operator is applied to non-vague predicates. The modified formulas may have a fuzzy truth value and fit into a Sorites paradox. We use adaptive fuzzy logics as a reasoning tool to address such a paradox. The modifier enables us to offer an adequate explication of the dynamic reasoning process. In the second version, a different result is obtained for an indexical applied to a formula with a possibly vague predicate, where the resulting modified formula has a crisp value and does not add up to a Sorites paradox.

Citation Keymartens2012formal
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