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In Press
Heeffer, Albrecht. In Press. Dutch Algebra And Arithmetic In Japan Before The Meiji Restoration I.M. Vandoulakis and Dun, Liu. Navigating across Mathematical Cultures and Times: Exploring the Diversity of Discoveries and Proofs.
De Mol, Liesbeth. In Press. Let's be logical Formalism. The Success(Es) Of A Failure. A. Moktefi, Moretti, A., and Schang, Fabian. College publications.
Urbaniak, Rafal, and Diderik Batens. In Press. Induction Sven Ove Hansson and Hendricks, Vincent F. Handbook of Formal Philosophy.
Batens, Diderik. In Press. Looting Liars Masking Models Can Başkent and Ferguson, Thomas Macaulay. Graham Priest on Dialetheism and Paraconsistency.
Primiero, Giuseppe, and Laszlo Kosolosky. In Press. The Semantics Of Untrustworthiness. Topoi. An International Reiew of Philosophy.