Public Understanding of Science

TitleWhat science is fair? Representations of science in a Dutch creationist campaign
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsBlancke, S, Kosolosky, L
JournalPublic Understanding of Science

In the Netherlands, creationists have started up a civil initiative by which they demand “fair science”. This paper offers an analysis of this peculiar notion. Fair science depends on two representations of science, one as an unimpressive label, and one as an authority. Each of these representations hinges on a different conception of the authority of science: on the one hand, science is endowed with authority because it produces technology and is able to make reliable predictions. On the other hand, science’s authority is only a matter of reputation. To the extent that these two conceptions tap into representations of science and its authority among the larger public, the notion of fair science might prove to be a compelling rhetorical tool. Suggestions are made as to how the appeal of the notion can be reduced.

Citation KeyBlancke