The realism-antirealism debate in the age of alternative logics

TitleType-Theoretical Dynamics. Exploring Belief Revision in a Constructive Framework
Publication TypeBook Chapter (with title)
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPrimiero, G
Secondary AuthorsRahman, S, Primiero, G, Marion, M
Book TitleThe realism-antirealism debate in the age of alternative logics

In the present paper a dynamics for type theory is introduced. The formalization provides epistemic explanations for the basic notions of belief state and belief set by referring to assertion conditions for type-theoretical judgements; it interprets expectations in terms of default assumptions for such a structure and it adapts the usual revision operations and the analogous of the Ramsey test. The model, restricted to operations of revision, merging and information preference, provides a constructive type-theoretical approach to epistemic dynamics.

Citation Keyprimiero2012type