TitleTowards more conflict-tolerant deontic logics by relaxing the interdefinability between obligations and permissions
Publication TypeTechnical Report
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsStra├čer, C, Beirlaen, M

While conflict-tolerant logics (CTDLs) usually allow for obligation- obligation conflicts, they fall short of tolerating obligation-permission con- flicts (OP-conflicts) of the type OA &\#8743; P&\#172; A. Moreover, for the sake of conflict-tolerance these logics usually do not validate the very intuitive principle (D), OA &\#8835; PA. We demonstrate in this paper that by relaxing the interdefinability between obligations and permission PA =df &\#172;O&\#172;A that is characteristic for most deontic logics, the logics get more conflict-tolerant since they allow for OP-conflicts. Moreover, this way they can be equipped with (D) without the need to sacrifice conflict-tolerance. In this paper we offer a generic procedure that transforms a given CTDL into a logic that tolerates OP-conflicts and validates (D).

Citation Keystrasser2010towards
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