Rew. Symb. Logic

TitleObligation as Weakest Permission: a Strongly Complete Axiomatization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsVan De Putte, F
JournalRew. Symb. Logic

In (Anglberger et al., 2015, Section 4.1), a deontic logic is proposed which explicates the idea that a formula φ is obligatory if and only if it is (semantically speaking) the weakest permission. We give a sound and strongly complete, Hilbert style axiomatization for this logic. As a corollary, it is compact, contradicting earlier claims from Anglberger et al. (2015). In addition, we prove that our axiomatization is equivalent to Anglberger et al.’s infinitary proof system, and show that our results are robust w.r.t. certain changes in the underlying semantics.

Citation KeyPutte2016ObligationAW
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