Proceedings of MICAI2013, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

TitleDefault Assumptions and Selection Functions: A Generic Framework for Non-monotonic Logics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVan De Putte, F
JournalProceedings of MICAI2013, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

We investigate a generalization of so-called default-assumption consequence relations, obtained by replacing the consequence relation of classical logic with an arbitrary supraclassical, compact Tarski-logic, and using arbitrary selection functions on sets of sets of defaults. Both generalizations are inspired by various approaches in non-monotonic logic and belief revision. We establish some meta-theoretic properties of the resulting systems. In addition, we compare them with two other frameworks from the literature on non-monotonic logic, viz. adaptive logics and selection semantics.

Citation KeyVanDePutte2013a