Casys: International journal of computing anticipatory systems

TitleAnticipation and the constitution of time in the philosophy of Ernst Cassirer
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFroeyman, A
JournalCasys: International journal of computing anticipatory systems

In this paper, I will argue with Ernst Cassirer that anticipation plays an essential part in the constitution of time from a transcendental perspective. Time is, as any transcendental concept, seen as basically relational and subjective and only in a derivative way objective and indifferent to us. This entails that memory is prior to history, and anticipation is prior to prediction. In this paper, I will give some examples in order to argue for this point. Furthermore, I will also argue, again with Cassirer and against Henri Bergson, that time should be seen as a functional unity, and not as a collection of three different things-in-themselves (past, present and future).

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