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E.g., 25/02/2018
11 June 2013 Workshop

Epistemology Afternoon

Epistemology Afternoon
15 May 2013 Doctoral defense

Explanation in the Cognitive Sciences and Biology: Mechanisms, Laws, and their Explanatory Virtues

Doctoral Defense Raoul Gervais. Promotors: Erik Weber and Jeroen Van Bouwel
13 May 2013 to 14 May 2013 Workshop

Mechanisms, Causality and Explanation

Mechanisms, Causality and Explanation (workshop)
26 April 2013 Lecture

Is there a non-exotic semantics of talk about fiction?

Is there a plausible semantics of discourse about fiction that does without exotica: dependent abstract entities, Meinongian non-existent objects and the like? And if not - if we need to posit exotica - which species of exotica should we posit? In the first part of this...

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19 April 2013 Lecture

Truth-tracking and belief revision

In this talk I will present a way to evaluate the truth-tracking properties of various belief-revision policies. I will use formal learning theory (Gold, 1967), and the semantic approach to knowledge and belief originating in dynamic epistemic logic (Baltag et al., 1998;...

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10 April 2013 Lecture

Abduction and inverse problems

Charles S. Peirce introduced in the late 19th century the notion of abduction as inference from effects to causes, or from observational data to explanatory theories. Abductive reasoning has become a major theme in contemporary logic, philosophy of science, and artificial...

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25 February 2013 Doctoral defense

And So On. Two Theories of Regress Arguments in Philosophy

Doctoral Defense Jan Willem Wieland. Promotors: Erik Weber and Maarten Van Dyck
22 February 2013 Lecture

Rational Belief: Four Approaches, One Theory

What should a joint theory of rational belief and rational degrees of belief look like? While the former concept will contribute principles of doxastic logic, the latter will contribute principles of probability theory, but how can we make sense of their interaction? I will...

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15 February 2013 Workshop

Philosophical Activism

What is philosophical activism? What makes philosophy into philosophical activism and how does it relate to the widely accepted notion of philosophy as first and foremost a reflective endeavour? If the 'love of wisdom' motivates, as it is said, a critical...

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30 November 2012 Lecture

Paraconsistent Concept Formation in Structuralist Framework

The formation of a theoretical concept is brought about by establishing axioms of a scientific theory that determine the meaning of that concept. We are familiar with this idea from the work of Carnap and others. All formal accounts, however, of the formation of theoretical...

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